The Auditorium

What Can The Winterville Auditorium Do For You?

An auditorium is a place where a community comes together to experience musical performances, plays, movies, pageants, literary readings, dance and presentations. Winterville once possessed one of the region’s largest auditoriums, but it fell into disrepair. However, Winterville residents are excited that our Auditorium will once again be a wonderful place for all these experiences and more.

As we begin the physical renovation of our Auditorium, we are also beginning to envision how we’ll use this treasure in strengthening our community, building prosperity for all of us, and retaining and improving the resources within the walkable distances of our small, quiet city. 

We hope that you will join all of us who are supporting this venture. Together we will once again benefit from our Auditorium, this gem waiting to be polished and set into the ring of our Winterville life. If you have ideas, questions, comments, or historical knowledge on this subject, please email:

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