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The Winterville Arts Council (WAC) is building a directory of people interested in art. You don’t have to live in Winterville, you just have to love Winterville!

WAC seeks to collaborate with people interested in visual arts of any kind, as well as music, theatre, film/video, dance, literature, writing, storytelling, role playing, and crafts, including quilting, ceramics, furniture making…in short, any activity that enables a person to create and share an original experience.

If you are an artist or art lover, contact the WAC at Please include your name and describe your artistic interests. You may also provide us with a .jpg sample of your art to be included with your listing.

WAC will soon be producing bi-monthly art exhibits at the Winterville Center for Community and Culture (WCC&C)—but to continue this practice, WAC needs to know the artists and art lovers of Winterville!

Those of you who attended the Marigold Festival may have noticed the decorative WAC tent. Free face painting and play with theater costumes were offered in order to help the WAC get to know people interested in what it needs to offer. The Council collected surveys from visitors as a way to better understand the desires and expectations of people in Winterville.

WAC has an ambitious program of building real value for our citizens. All its current activities focus on establishing our very own community theater in the old Auditorium. To reach this goal, WAC first has to engage Winterville residents and celebrate their creativity so that the theater can truly be our town theater.

Members of the Arts Council are Joelle Ré Arp-Dunham, Emily Eisenman, Jonathan Frye, Cameron Bliss Ferrelle, Brenda Keen, Judy Logue, David Matthews-Morgan, Lee Ann Pingel, Deenan Scott and Wilma Wilma.

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