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The Auditorium

What Can The Winterville Auditorium Do For You?

By Joelle Re Arp-Dunham

An auditorium is a place where a community comes together to experience musical performances, plays, movies, pageants, literary readings, dance and presentations. Winterville once possessed one of the region’s largest auditoriums, but it fell into disrepair. However, Winterville residents are excited that our Auditorium will once again be a wonderful place for all these experiences and more.

As we begin the physical renovation of our Auditorium, we are also beginning to envision how we’ll use this treasure in strengthening our community, building prosperity for all of us, and retaining and improving the resources within the walkable distances of our small, quiet city. Many studies have shown that having a professional theatre company as an anchor for venues like ours can create expanding, positive effects and the real community benefits that we are working toward here in Winterville.

Producing high quality theatre since 2010, The Circle Ensemble Theatre Company is a professional nonprofit organization whose mission is to be a catalyst for personal and social transformation through excellence in the art of theatre, playing a vital role in the cultural life of Northeast Georgia. Composed of highly skilled artists, Circle Ensemble Theatre is very excited to now call Winterville “home.”

The Ensemble will bring us professional theatre and teaching programs to help us improve our capabilities in communicating and engaging with others.

Community members benefit from experiencing professional theatre by:

  • Feeling appreciation for and pride in our city,strengthening our communal identity;
  • Coming together and recognizing important human issues with laughter and tears;
  • Developing an increased ability to comprehend and empathize with other people;
  • Developing a connection with humanity in a global, timeless sense;
  • Having models for original artistic activities;
  • Participating in theatre teaching activities that can benefit community members of all ages by learning the most time-tested and proven methods of working in teams while having fun;
  • Increasing confidence, self-esteem, empathy, and trust;
  • Improving the ability to articulate feelings/opinions between individuals and in front of groups;
  • Increasing children’s comprehension scores, SAT scores, and school attendance; and
  • Having a positive effect on elders’ physical health, mental health, and social engagement, regardless of ability.

Working within the newly formed Winterville Arts Council, The Circle Ensemble Theatre Company is and will be actively complementing the Auditorium renovation efforts by sharing knowledge of theatre design as well as by presenting events. We hope that you, too, will join all of us who are supporting this venture. Together we will once again benefit from our Auditorium, this gem waiting to be polished and set into the ring of our Winterville life. If you have ideas, questions, comments, or historical knowledge on this subject, please email:

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